Team Android or Team iOS?

No lags?

Thank you, thank you, thank you, Hans for letting me know about your BlueStacks experience. I was leery about installing it 'cuz of reviews but it’s worked flawlessly so far.

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man i miss windows phone

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Interesting- I use an iphone when mobile but given the choice ( and luxury) at I home always use the ipad for the better viewing.


Missing an app-wide landscape mode on your iPad as much as I do? I love my cams, but the lack of landscape and the new color scheme (white text on cyan, extremely difficult to see) compromise usability in a big way, esp. in my case.

@milehiguy In case you haven’t seen it, there’s a #roadmap topic for that. Please hop over there and vote for it. Be sure to click the VOTE button at the top:

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Team Android since my Google Nexus One

Hello, i’m completely new to Team Android and Wyze. I saw the cameras and just had to have them.

At the top click on , join this group, link

I still find it amazing that companies seem to do ‘more’ for iPhones even though their market is so much smaller than the Android market.

I suppose it might be because as a ‘phone’ by itself, it outsells the android models (of course Apple doesn’t ALLOW iOS to run on anything else), but combined, there are 3 times as many android devices as there are iOS ones, yet companies seem to (often) write their apps depending on what they have instead of what the market has/uses.

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LOL - true though. Us iOS users are more likely to spend more money, and display higher product loyalty for those companies that support us.

Cuts both ways, though.

I used to be a Mac person, but just couldn’t justify spending so much more than the alternatives, so I switched over both PC and phone wise… Guess they didn’t really have my loyalty too much… Probably because every time I ‘upgraded’ my items, the old hardware wouldn’t work with the new stuff so I had to buy new ‘accessories’… I think that was what really did it for me as far as the iPhone… On the Mac side, when I found out that both our Macs had virus’ after thinking they shouldn’t get them, it really bummed me out - especially as I had anti-virus stuff on them too!

But yeah, iOS users do spend more money (they have to).

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Yeah, okay, could we keep this on topic, and not turn this (again) into a Mac/Apple Hater dominated thread?

Moderators, can you otherwise just close this thread, since it’s doubtful Apple haters will listen? Thanks.

While I DO encourage everyone to stay on topic, I’m not inclined to take the extreme measure of closing the thread. As Bill and Ted would say, “Be excellent to each other!.”


I appologize if I sounded like a Mac ‘hater’ - I am not. As I said, I used to use them and still work with them (I am in IT at SBCC - we have lots!).

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I feel so left out! No “Team Blackberry” ?!? :grinning:


in all fairness there’s no team nokia (old/ unbreakable) either…

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You do have a point!! :crazy_face:

There’s no team Windows Phone either. :slight_smile:

But more seriously/importantly… the phone team groups on the forum are obsolete since we added a field in the user profile where you can specify on what type of device(s) you run the Wyze app:

The field is mandatory for new signups. But if you signed up before we added the field, please click the gear icon under your avatar, top right, and fill that field in your profile.


I prefer andriod myself but there is no reason that one is better than the other. I see benefits to both and depending on your level of technical needs, one may be better suited.

I do take issue with Apple removing the headphone jack and using that silly lightening connector but what can you do?