Tasteless Facebook Ad

Where is this [tasteless] video ? I looked, couldn’t find it

Ive only seen it once, I’m unable to find it posted anywhere. I’ll keep looking though.

Please do, I’m very curious lol.

Facebook micro-targeted to the South Park demographic?


I could have sworn I typed Chris Farley … But,obviously I didn’t… :sweat_smile:

That, or autocorrect his taking another giant step backward. :nerd_face::rofl:


I wanna see it!

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SPC>> Didn’t know where to post this, but I wanted to share my disappointment

I’m sorry. I enjoyed the ad when I first saw it. I guess I understand how it might strike some, however. But it also tickled me that your User Icon "SPC’ when I looked closely, stands for “ScatPackClub.” Since we use Scat id to identify late-night visiting animals to our land, and the ad features an animal “scat,”


Also a term for speed. And the name of a model of cars produced by Dodge (Charger Scat Pack, Challenger Scat Pack). First introduced in 1968.


Much adoo-doo about nothing? :slight_smile:


I also guess that since I’ve owned dogs my entire live … at times, several dogs … it’s a scene I’ve seen played out every time I take them outside … and yes, occasionally inside when we’re gone. A camera would help identify the guilty party … “hey, puppy, look at this 12 second clip of what you did. Bad dog. Where did I put that rolled up newspaper.” :grin:

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A LOOOOONNNNNG time ago I considered making a coffee-table photo book called “Christian Dogs.” Because it seemed to me a lot of dogs looked guilty while they were lightening their load. :hotdog: :eyes:

Goethe had a three-question test for evaluating “Art.” The one this failed was “Was it worth doing?” At least for me. :slight_smile:

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peepeep>“Was it worth doing.” Goethe

Didn’t Goethe also say “A genuine work of Art usually displeases at first sight.”


I don’t know but it certainly rings true.

Umm comparing an advertisement for a commercial product with ‘art’ would have him doing flips in his grave.

You can’t use artistic standards and yardsticks when evaluating crass commercialism. The mind boggles at the thought. :stuck_out_tongue:


Wyze upload the video to youtube unlisted so everyone here can see it! :joy:


See post #26

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When I am walking my dog and I see another dog taking a dump, I either A, watch so I can rate the dump, or 2 look away so I am not grossed out, I suggest you look away.

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This is America, fella, we have a long tradition of doing what we darn well please, boggled minds notwithstanding. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Very true indeed. And for 8 years I wrote the proverbial “blank check” to Uncle Sam to make sure even fools and idiots had the freedom they wanted to make and watch videos of all types. Among other things :yum:

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I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it.

A worthy and challenging “Voltairean principle” - distilled, apparently, by a woman. :slight_smile:


We’re talking about a darn commercial here.

The sole purpose of ANY COMMERCIAL is to get people talking about it. Getting the company brand out there. The commercial was showing snippets of dogs misbehalving, captured by affordable WYZE cameras. Any animal lover is going to love it! And yes, maybe even buy a camera to record their pets. The commercial worked! People (me included) are going to show it to their friends.

I think if WYZE put up a poll on whether we liked or disliked the commercial, I’d be willing to bet the vast majority of us would think it was funny … even cute.

So I guess I’m wondering who you are calling fools and idiots. I will defend your right to express your opinion … as long as you respect mine.

I also hope that WYZE doesn’t withdraw the commercial based on the comments of a few when the majority approves … which seems to be the trend in today’s environment. I think the ad will sell a boatload of WYZE cameras.


We’re talking about standards - and the perceived lack of them - too.