Taking Wyze Away From WiFi



You want to use your camera where there is no Wifi and/or record without Wifi, after losing power/ unplugging & replugging in.

Having went through hell trying to find this on here and make it work on the app, I’ve figured it out and want to share.

::Tether your Wyze to your phone’s personal hotspot.

You’ll need two phones.

Phone 1: Turn on your personal hotspot on.
Phone 2: Connect to Phone 1’s personal hotspot.

Then, on Phone 2, open the Wyze app and add a new device.
Go through the process, entering the personal hotspots Wifi info for the Wyze setup.

Once it is successful in connecting/ setting-up, you can now connect to your Wyze whenever that personal hotspot is turned on and in range.

(This enables you to stream and change settings wherever you are as long as you have the camera near Phone 1 with it’s personal hotspot turned on.)


My other issue, was needing to record in a remote area away from any Wifi, including a personal hotspot tether.

Before you go out to the remote site, and while still connected to Wifi, set-up your phone to Local Recording and customize your settings,
Once this is complete you CAN unplug your Wyze and take it out of Wifi range. Once you get to your remote destination, you can just plug it in, turn it back on, and all of the movement/ etc. that you have set for your local recording will be operating in full capacity.

You won’t be able to view live, stream or change settings again until you’ve connected to Wifi, but it is effective in recording events on the SD card until then,

In short, I’m able to properly set-up my camera to work anywhere that a power source is provided, regardless of traditional wifi availability, even after unplugging the device for an extended period of time.

Full functionality with cell phone tether and assured recording to SD card without Wifi.

This product now truly fills my needs.