Tablet To Use

Sideload the Wyze app.

That’s strange…I just used the Google App store to load the WYZE app on my Nexus 7 earlier this week.

Not sure if the beta app is different, but just today I had no issue installing the Wyze app from the play store on a new Lenovo tablet running Android 10. I’m on beta though.

Which Lenovo model tablet was it? I am interested in getting a Lenovo tablet once I get all the cameras setup.


Why do you think Magisk would help?
Your tablet is already rooted. Wyze doesn’t block rooted devices.
They go through phases of not installing on certain tablets.
The files on APKPure are safe. There are no cracked versions of Pro apps.

It’s the Lenovo M10 Plus Full Hd. Mine is the 64 GB / 4 GB RAM version. There is also a 32 GB / 2 GBp version.


That’s on my list…thanks

If you can get the Lenovo fof $129 don’t even look at the Walmart brand.

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Actually Lenovo has one for $129…so I have a minimum of 2 locations to purchase

I know, that’s why I said to stay away from the Walmart ONN.

Update…I purchased the Lenovo M10 Tablet with Google assist and the Wyze app is working good. Thank Goodness. What I cannot find is a good definition of the “Set Detection Distance” for my Outdoor cameras. How do I tell where the close detection is versus the Far on my screen? If you set the distance as FAR, does that mean it will only detect at the top of the Green Area???


Do you mean the Near and Far setting? If so, that’s not for detection, that’s for the IR led lights. There are two different ones on the camera, 940nm LEDs which are mostly invisible to the human eye and work best up close, and 850nm LED’s that glow red and work better for further away. For example. if you had the outside near a door, the near LED’s would be better for faces and such that are within like 4 to 8 feet from the camera. The Far LED’s would be better on the same camera for seeing further out into the yard.

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