Tablet to use as monitor

Cool. Actually I didn’t mean landscape, I meant the ability to slide show through your sets of 4 without having to swipe by hand. Anyway, glad it’s working well for you!

Well I finally did it and put up a new Fire HD tablet instead of my old phone, tweaked it to stay awake, and sideloaded the Wyze app. Result? It ran Wyze live view for under two hours before crapping out. Same result as the decade old phone it replaced!

Been using my Lenovo M10 FHD Plus. for a few weeks now. Been very pleased - running all day and night. Only issue that I have seen, is that the NTP (time) may be a few seconds off on one of the cameras. Doing / setting up daily routine to restart the cams has made it work great!
My only ‘issue’ is that I wish I had ordered 2 or more of these tablets - as they are now sold out! Currently I take from downstairs - when going to bed / and returning next morning. So nice to see exterior of house with a glance!



I have the WYZE app running on a Fire HD 8. Some dsys it will run 8-10 hours, some days it runs 30 minutes. Often I have to restart the tablet to get the app to connect to a cam at all.
I can’t use the latest beta app at all on the Fire HD.

How is the network connection? Do you have a single modem, or additional ap?

I am also using this EXCLUSIVELY for Wyze cams - no facebook, no email, etc…


I have a router and 3 access points.

I have a Galaxy S7 using it as a display but it times out and goes black, How do I keep it on all the time? It is plugged in.

In your phone settings, turn on Developer Mode.
In Developer Options turn on Stay Awake. Screen will never time out while charging.