Sync Wyze Band, Watch and Scale to MyFitnessPal

Thanks for the explanation!! :+1:

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I would like my Wyze Watch to connect with MYFitnessPal. I use MFP for all of my activity and meal tracking. It would be nice to sync one of the most popular fitness apps with my new Wyze Watch.

it is possible with the workaround method that I explained. It still working as of today in my case

It works on MyFitnessPal/iPhone as of 11/12/21 for the Wyze scale. Not sure about the band as I don’t own one. First you have to go to your iPhone health app, click on profile on right top—> privacy—>app—>MyFitnessPal—> turn on all the toggle. Now you will go to your Wyze app —>settings—> sync data to third party app —>Apple health and turn on this function. Weight yourself on Wyze scale and it will update the MyFitnessPal.

Thank you, but I am not trying to connect a scale. I’m trying to connect my Wyze Watch to MFP.

You can now sync the wyze watch to Google Fit, then Google fit to MyFitnessPal