Switching account devices to different account? Possible?

I would like to transfer my 2 V2 cam’s to a different account as I no longer have access to the account I registered them with. I essentially have locked myself out of my account and cannot do a pword reset because I no longer have access to the email that I used, i switched IPS’s

Is it possible to switch my devises to a new account that I’ve set up with a new email address? I’m going away on vacation soon and would like to have access to my cams when away.

Any suggestions would be helpful. I have submitted a support request but I’m afraid their response might not be in time before I go away.


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Hello @richard_evans. Please see the following thread on Switching to different accounts.

Email address update not working

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Yes you can set up all your cams With a new account , You just have to do it The same way you did before as Brand new, Set up each Cam to the new account


@HDRock Thanks, Thats what I think I will do.


I would also love for this to be possible. Since I am the one taht normally does the set up and configuration of all the cams in my family ( I have set up over 50 cameras so far) and while some have been directly on their account, for large projects I prefer to have the acocunt on my phone to keep walking around while setting everything and to configure remotely. But now I am stuck because I can’t release my account to them and I was not aware transfering was not possible, nor that the recoridng review capability was gone if you were sharing a cam.

So I am voting +1 on this great idea.