Swipe between screens in portrait and full-screen (swipe to switch cameras)

There is so much negative space under the live feed when viewing a specific camera. It would be so nice to be able to swipe left or right to navigate in the app rather then reaching to the top left for the small arrow every time.

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I agree with the too much negative space on portrait live view. They could actually do away with the hamburger menu and just put those (time lapse, album, turn off and motion tagging) in that empty space. As for swiping left or right, I would like to swipe to the next or previous camera in the list. Certainly in landscape view.


On the Pan Cam, that empty space is used for the PTZ controller. I think they keep the menu icons above that the same on the V2 for consistency sake.

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Interesting. On my phone, an SE, I have to wonder what the pan cam controller would look like. I could see adding the four additional menu items, but the controller would have to be small and the current menu items shifted up or down. It would also be interesting to see an overlay controller like the zoom controller on the iPhone. Transparent and there on demand.

I too would like to swipe through live view like you can on the recorded views

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Almost every app these days allows you to thumb swipe to get back a menu; return from camera to to camera list, etc.

The only reason I think this is important, is when you only have one hand (baby/etc. in the other), it is not easy to hit that top left < icon to go back. I’ve almost dropped my phone a few times because of this.

This could even be used to move to next camera or back. I think you can drag from middle of screen (on the non-pan camera) but otherwise it pans on the pan camera, so inconsistent.

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In full screen mode, it should be nice to change camera by left-right swiping.

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For user have multiple Wyze camera, it would be nice to have ability to swipe left and right to view different camera’s live stream without have to go back to main screen on Wyze app.

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you can do this if you group your cameras together

See https://support.wyzecam.com/hc/en-us/articles/360030146191-Group-and-Sort-Products


The ability to swipe through all your cameras from an existing camera view, without going back to the home screen in the app.

Add an option to swipe between recorded videos instead of having to go back and select the next one to watch

While you are viewing event clips you can already do that now , in landscape and portrait modes with Android.

You can currently swipe between events in landscape and portrait modes under Android. Not sure if this has been fully implemented under iOS.

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:blush: Yep, thanks , your totally right , I just don’t use it

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Wouldn’t be it be slick to be able to swipe left or right to view the different cameras you have on your account?

It would be nice to be able to swipe left or right to view the cameras in a group instead of having to close the window and then select the next camera.

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It would be nice when you have a camera pulled up in landscape mode that you could just swipe over to the next camera. The one issue I see with this is if you have a cam pan and you go to swipe it moves the camera. So the workaround to this would be a two finger swipe would move to the next camera in line. That way you don’t have to back out and then select another camera.

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Please add feature in app to swipe through all cameras instead of going back to main menu to see other cameras

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This feature is already available in the Wyze app. To group all your cameras, from Home Tab, tap (+) upper left corner, tap Add Device Group > Create a Group > Camera Group.

Name the group of cameras and tap Done top right corner.

All your cameras should now be viewable in portrait or landscape mode. You can view up to 4 cameras on the screen at once. If you have more than 4 cams, swipe the screen to the left to view next group.


It would be nice to have a finger swipe when in landscape mode that will cycle through all your cameras in sequence. Presently, you have to return to portrait mode, then back to the overview page of all cams, select the next cam you want to see, rotate the device to landscape mode - all to just view another cam.

A sideways finger swipe is more natural and much faster to cycle through all your cameras.