Supposed to get my Wyze Plugs tomorrow

I guess I wasn’t approved for the Early Access Forum to discuss them.

Has anyone received their plugs yet? How are they working for you?

I don’t know of anyone that has received their plugs as of yet. I know they have been shipping the plugs out this week so it shouldn’t be long before some receives them. I haven’t gotten a shipping email on mine yet…still waiting patiently. :grinning:

Edit: Someone just now posted in the EA that they just got their plugs and the setup was a breeze. That’s good news. :+1:


I had that happen to me , you will have to get ahold of a wyze team member to straighten that out


@HDRock is right. I was just getting ready to mention that. Lol You should have access to the EA forum page if you ordered the plugs.They will get it straightened out for you. :slightly_smiling_face:


Yes, I have received my Wyze Plugs and they are working great. I really like the location of the manual power button. The app lets you turn them on and off right from the Home screen. They are rock solid, even in locations where I have a weak Wi-Fi signal. I’m very impressed!


Wayne, I have moved this topic over to #early-access and added you to the Early Backers gruoup, so you should now have access in that category.

Also, I removed your email address from the name field in your profile on the assumption that was not intentional.


Thanks. Not sure how my email got into things.

Hopefully there are ample rules for automation