Support Matter protocol

Can all the Wyze products support the fairly new “Matter” protocol soon? ( ) This would help most of us setup the best home devices (of course mostly wyze devices!) and integrate them all with whichever home-hub-app we prefer to use. The wyze devices/products are all great, but we all have other devices that we want to use that are not (yet) available from wyze and would like to keep everything integrated into a single home-hub-app. I would hope this would be a priority for Wyze since it eliminates the need for vendor-specific integrations into 3rd party app-systems (google, amazon, apple, …)

Already working on it. Too bad, an open source license-free approach would have been preferable. Care of @carverofchoice:


They are officially part of matter, just haven’t announced new products that will support as I don’t think current cameras can support it.

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I gotta say, with the price of Wyze products, I’d happily buy each one all over again if they gain HomeKit support in any way. Matter seems the best move going forward, for sure.

It appears that Matter is front and center for future development. This meeting recently was with a lot of the dev community from several companies and WYZE rep is quoted and/or mentioned.