Support for MQTT

I’d love it if there was support for MQTT. I would be able to get information about my sensors and cameras on my MQTT broker I have in my house.
It would also be great because there are already MQTT to Alexa/Google bridges available and you wouldn’t have to do any extra special work to use these hubs with it.

I’d like to see them support an MQTT interface.
Then I could publish to my one Raspi3B+ that is running MQTT Broker and manage the events as I see fit.


I have my house setup with Home Assistant and a local MQTT broker. Being able to have MQTT would allow instant guaranteed notifications even if the outside internet is unavailable. It could also reduce the traffic needed to the wyze servers.


@kwpodolsky I guess we had the same idea at the same time… Lol

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I think the Wyze ecosystem is really evolving and looking good. But there are certain things that Wyze doesn’t do and may never do due to a number of reasons.

So I’m suggesting that the motion and window/door sensors have MQTT added to them. I think it wouldn’t be too hard to implement if there is a change in status send MQTT a 1 or 0. This would then allow us to make more useful home automation with many other devices.

I am not suggest MQTT for various events that occur with camera as that I can see being much more resource intensive, just the sensors when triggered sending a message.


Yes. I would like to see support to access sensors with RP, or similar… Also API for control of upcoming smart bulbs similar to the YeeLight bulbs. For a RP IFTTT sans smartphone. Tnx.

So … I was curious to see what the communication looks like between the wyze bulb and the internet, so I setup my router to capture the traffic and pipe it over to wireshark. Wireshark appears to identify the traffic as being MQTT (though it is encrypted). Is this true? If so, any chance we’d ever see the options to configure a custom MQTT server (i.e. be able to toggle between the Wyze server and a custom). This would be amazing for people like me who have a decent smart home put together with Home Assistant.


Customer MQTT would be amazing in making these bulbs work locally. I would change all my bulbs over to Wyze bulbs if they did.

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I vote for this. This is actually the shortest way to add full featured (and auto-discoverable) support for Home Assistant which has so many votes already.


Please add this wyze. If you can support IFTTT you should support this for those that fear the cloud.

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Yes, please!

Already plugging your Sense hub into the Home Assistant Pi | PC | etc. You’d get us off your backs; No Wyze app expectations from us! :+1:

Had no idea they weren’t able able to go to MQTT. I just bought 2 starter packs of sensors and was actually looking at the bulbs and plugs tonight. I was thinking about going 100% Wyze. Just learned about Home Assistant though and there’s no way I’ll do anything that isn’t able to be integrated into that. I have too many odds and ins in home automation to not use HA. Hope they open this up soon.

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MQTT would promote a lot of user product purchases, especially those that integrate using Home Assistant. btw Love, love those cameras

I’m here because of the HomeAssistant integration with Wyze. I love both and would love to see this relationship grow!

I’m so glad this request is picking up!! :tada:

The plug and bulb already use mqtt to talk to the Wyze servers. It would be almost trivial for them to have a simple admin setting to allow users to specify their own mqtt host and provide some simple documentation of what the messages should look like.

I poked around the network requests a bit and it appears to be using tls1.2 so a hack like a simple domain redirect to a local host isn’t going to work.

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You would greatly expand the number of people that would buy these cams/sensors if you supported MQTT. There are a lot of people that use home automation such as Home Assistant, Node-Red, etc.

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Integration with MQTT would be the easiest path towards compatibility with other platforms. Sorry BigData, we want to control our devices locally, not wait for the cloud to process and respond to flip a light switch.

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While you wait and wait …

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I did this just this past weekend. Works phenomenally!! The range is better too. I have an old tablet with Lan Announce running and get a notification every time a door opens.