Support 5GHz wifi band for Wyze Cams

I don’t have the money to buy my own modem, so having the Wyze Cams have 5g accessibility would be a huge help. I do understand why they are only compatible with the 2.4g connections, but having both would broaden horizons for more customers and higher satisfaction when it comes to personal preferences of your client base. In other words, it would optimize sales and current customer satisfaction.

Maybe I’m misreading this but this is confusing. You don’t have a modem?

How are you accessing things currently in regards to online access? Hotspot on your phone?

You would need a device for all of the cams to connect to for internet access to upload to the cloud, but you could still save locally but would have to remove the SD card and view it, or setup the devices to a hotspot and as that device came online you could then in theory use the app to view the recordings or watch in realtime.

With 2.4Ghz being a base frequency these days, and it broadcasts further than 5Ghz, it’s easy to understand why a lot of companies still include 2.4Ghz as pretty much everything in regards to networking will receive/transmit a 2.4Ghz broadcast.

I’m usually around 240KB/sec on my feeds which is quite sufficient at 2.4Ghz. Could be my network equipment, I did recently upgrade to Ubiquiti equipment for wired and wireless and have seen other significant improvements.

Need more clarification on what you mean with your initial post though…

Please support 5G for your devices. I get too much interference on 2.4ghz. 5Ghz is perfect on all my devices that can use it. My cameras often go off line with 2.4ghz

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I have a modem through an internet company, so I can’t edit the settings on it. The company told me I’d need to purchase my own modem if I wanted to change these settings so the camera could access the 2.4GHz. That’s my dilemma.

You don’t really need another modem to control your own WiFi. You could just add a WiFi access point. You can even use an old wireless router by turning off DHCP in the settings and connecting it to the existing router by using one of the LAN ports, rather than the WAN port.

Please support 5G for your devices. 2.4ghz is too congested in my area. I won’t be using my current cams nor purchase additional cameras (including the new Cam v3) until you support 5G wireless.

I think 5ghz would be nice for congested networks, but it’s not a necessity. Especially if its main purpose would be to allow for 4K streams. A better idea for grabbing more detail on a 1080p stream would to simply incorporate an optical zoom lens or multi-lens system. I’ve linked to a thread below.

Thanks for the tip, Lonnie! I’ll definitely try that :slight_smile:

I have a mesh tplink X60abd have them set up as access points and my guest I have it named IOT24 and the main access point IOT5 and my is modem is 5 and 2.4. I just sign in my phone to the IOT24.

Wow this is still considered a WishList? Wyze is a joke.

What about more than one WiFi network capability in case one is not available?

Of course the business side at Wyze is probably constantly asking, “But would existing customers be willing to replace their devices with newer dual-band models? Because if they won’t, then we lose.” Well, take it from this one longtime Wyze customer: I am definitely looking for 5 GHz hardware because my local situation makes 2.4 GHz painful. Even broke out the old RPi Zero W last weekend and right now shopping for a new dual band outdoor AP to swap in for the 2.4 GHz only model I installed only a few months ago – and believe me, I really don’t like climbing ladders.