Support 5GHz wifi band for Wyze Cams



Add 5GHz wifi support to the wifi module in Wyze Cams in addition the current 2.4GHz wifi. This would involve a pretty major hardware redesign and there are not currently any plans to implement this.

PC Access to my Wyze Cameras
5ghz wifi support? (Or hardwire)
30 fps
30 fps
PC Access to my Wyze Cameras

Really need 5ghz support for the cams. (or hardwire Ethernet) I have 2 of the V2 models.

My 2.4ghz radio on my router has failed, so I can no longer use these cams unless i replace my router, or tack on a 2.4 AP…but these Wyze cams are the ONLY thing I have that needs 2.4 band.

The 2.4G band at my location(Large apartment complex) is EXTREMELY crowded. 5G is far less crowded. I could even hardwire via Ethernet these cams where I have them placed.

Wyze cams are really neat and awesome for their size and price…but, not having dual band wifi support (or hardwire support), really is a hindrance.


I’ve added your request to Wyze’s feature request tracker. However, there are no plans to implement this. It would take a significant hardware change. There are many hardware related requests (eg. outdoor camera) that are much more popular than this. So I wouldn’t hold your breath. Sorry.


There are quite a few other IP cams out there that have both 5ghz and/or wired support, however, they are far more expensive. However, dual band wifi SOC have been standard implemented in laptops and other small wifi devices such as phones/tablets for over a decade now, so its not like its new and expensive tech. The cost to get the chipsets certainly can not be any higher or if so, a very small marginal amount.

Perhaps it could be possible to make an internal change so that the USB port on the back could be used with a USB A to Ethernet adapter, that way you wont have to change the wifi SOC then? Or maybe, make a add on dongle accessory that you sell separately to mitigate cost that you plug into the back to the cam that has the upgraded wifi chip? Though, at that point…i guess, might as well just make a new cam model entirely. Which, btw, I would have no issue buying. I see no reason why Wyze can’t offer a Premium model cam…if it had 5ghz support and cost ~$10 or so more, its fine by me.

That being said, I have found and tired other cheapo, random named, ebay/Amazon ip cams that do support 5ghz band and cost about the same as the Wyze cam…while they do…work…they suck in vid quality and features as compared to Wyze cam.


They are currently using the rtl8189ftv chip, and they could easily use a different chip that supports dual band, but, that adds cost, and that is the main reason they won’t do this yet.


Need the ability to use the 5Ghz band on my B/N/AC router as well as the the 2.4Ghz band.

Thanks and keep up the great work!