Sunset, sunrise trigger for scheduled shortcuts



Have an option on scheduling for sunrise or sunset instead of a set time. It could easily be calculated based on night vision activation or deactivation from prior days. Maybe even call it something associated with night vision. This could be helpful in many situations. One example would be for those suffering from headlights. When night vision is activated is when headlights come on, so then users could turn motion detection off, and on again when night vision deactivates.

Suggestion: Add sunrise & sunset to start & stop times

I setup notifications during daylight using Weather Underground’s triggers in IFTTT.

My Wyze cam v2 is outdoors, and at night, the passing cars trigger the motion


Not sure where you conclude “most of us that view the outside world do so thru glass”? All of my cameras are outside and Amazon sells many different models of outdoor housings for these cameras. The mic, speaker and IR lights serve no purpose through glass.

Anyway, Wyze could also base it by time zone although it would not be as accurate. I have timers that have sunrise and sunset features that are very handy, so there are other ways to go about it.


There is a feature in beta testing now that will allow you to disable IR emission for the V2/Pan cams. That will probably make this a moot point for cameras behind glass.


Disabling IR emission will not stop car headlights from triggering alerts, so still would like to see a sunrise/sunset option to the alert schedule.