Sunset, sunrise (dusk, dawn) trigger for shortcuts / rules

I too would love that… it would look like my lights would open on random way (somwhat)… versu having the light always turn off/on at a fix time.

Please add a sunset option for turning on your smart switch.
I have several Wemo switches that I have programmed to turn on 15 minutes after sunset and then off at 10pm. The Wemo app is horrible and the Wyze switches are much more cost effective, I would like to replace the Wemos with Wyze switches but really would like the option for sunset or a certain amount of time after sunset.
Currently I use an IFTTT trigger that fires when the Wemo switch turns on to then turn on the Wyze switches. Clunky, but it works.

Another great feature would be a switch that will tell you the monthly cost of whatever is plugged into it.

Great products Wyze, please keep them coming!


Meross has this feature, also.

Yes please. This is an important trigger that prevents multiple rule adjustments per year per routine.

Does anyone at Wyze realize that we might turn the light on when it gets dark and turn off when the sun comes up? I can’t believe this “smart” bulb still doesn’t have a sunset/sunrise scheduling option.

To have a light that turns on and off at a set time, I could simply use a $2 timer instead. That’s the only option the app offers me. Instead, I have to setup IFTTT routines to trigger that - which just stopped working suddenly.

It’s not complicated math to estimate sunset/sunrise times based on location and time of the year.

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Based on the thread title this is now in the ‘researching’ phase, this is a good sign that it will be coming if it is truly something easy.

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Yep, I’d expect to see this in a future version of the app, most likely. In the meantime, you can do this through an Alexa routine or through IFTTT. Google Home might support it as well, but I’m not 100% sure on that.

If Wyze adds sunrise/sunset schedule triggers, might as well add offsets; minutes before/after sunrise/sunset.

For example, if you have lawn lights, you might want to turn them on 30 minutes after sunset, and turn off an hour before sunrise.

I already stated that I gave up on my Wyze plugs and got units from a competing brand. They have this feature.

And yes, to allow sunrise/sunset triggers, you need to allow location permission. Correction - maybe not, need only the plug or bulb’s location.

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I recently changed 90% of my home lights to wyze lights and I was under the assumption that any smart light would have a trigger to start/switch off based on sunrise and sunset. I am frankly quite surprised that Wyze app does not provide that (yet?). Since the integration with smart life app isn’t going anywhere maybe it would be a great idea to fast track development of this (simple feature)? With seasons changing, I would like to have an option to program them to switch on when the sun goes down rather than change the timings every 4 weeks.

Thank you.

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If you want to use Alexa, you can do this through an Alexa routine. (It doesn’t require you to have an Echo device.)

Thanks for that… I did set it up using Alexa, Lets see how it performs.

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I would like Sunset/Sunrise to be added to the conditions. I have a motion sensor that I dont need to trigger a light bulb during the daytime. But with the current conditions, you have to create a rule that from 5pm to 11:59pm, motion 1 triggers bulb 1, then duplicate the rule with the condition, 12am to 8am. If I could just select sunset to sunrise, one rule and no adjustments for seasons.

I really like this idea. Sunrise/Sunset times are already available data points in weather apps like DarkSky and F.lux meaning these triggers could be automated.

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Add additional time features, like: +/- XX hours at sunrise or sunset turn lights on or off.


  • if at sunset (minus 1 hour), motion is detected on camera a, then turn the lights on for 5 minutes.


  • If at sunset (minus 1 hour), motion is detected on camera a, then turn the lights on until motion stops.

I agree with others, a +/- offset would be very helpful. Sometimes its cloudy, and at sunset its very dark. If your lights are on a time for sunset itll be dark inside.
Just my 2 cents

I would buy this light for all my clients if there was an alarm wake up and sleep cycle and a time of day aka circadian rhythm option. This is a very popular feature for the future of interior design. It is used with the intention of making interior spaces feel like you are outside which reduces anxiety and depression.

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I would like a 15/30 minute wakeup fade-in option. Even at 1%, these bulbs are jarring if you’re asleep and they suddenly pop on.

This would be great to have so that I don’t have to consistently edit the time of the triggers for the lights in the house. We use multiple motion sensors and door/window sensor to control Wyze bulbs and plugs and hopefully one day in wall light switches for those switches to. We recently made the move to Wyze environment from Samsung cause it it is a more complete system and it is wonderful minus a couple small this like sunrise/sunset with +/-, in-wall wifi light switches.

That’s a great idea! thank you for sharing!

From my experience, calculating exact sunrise and sunset based on longitude and latitude is not a simple calculation. I’ve done it once, and if you’re rusty on your trigonometry, you won’t understand. While it boils down to one equation, calculating cosines and tangents are probably not keyword commands already built-in with their programming language. It takes a lot of lines of code to program, which means more memory in the devices than they may have originally.

But, if they don’t want to do all the math, there are a couple of different ways they could go around this. Using longitude/latitude, download a lookup table for that location containing a record of the sunrise/sunset times for a year. From year to year, the time does vary, but by less than a minute. This probably takes less coding and memory allocation than using trigonometry.

The other option I would suggest, to use even less memory, although less accurate, would be to have the device download the sunrise/sunset times for the first day of the month, and then offset the remaining days of the month by a variance of ~ 2 minutes per day. Just be careful around the solstice when the time offsets in the other direction, and of course, daylight savings.

One option I request, is to have both the start time and end time set by either a fixed time or by sunrise/sunset. Let’s say I want the lights on at sunset, and off at 11 pm (instead of sunrise). I think this would be more user friendly than having the user make separate rules to do this.

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