Sump Pump Cam ... with Clamp light on smart switch

We had some heavy rain the other night , after that, according to the clips the sump pump was running every 15 minutes for about an hour , then went to a half an hour , then to an hour , and the next time was 6 hours.
Before that big rain ,It has been running only once every couple days.
These V 2 cams work great for things like this , I have one set up also so I can see my well pump and Gauge.
One in the kitchen so I can see my digital display on my ninja foodi grill or pressure cooker when I’m in the living room at other end of house
I have 3 new in box waiting for next idea for a use :slightly_smiling_face:

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I love this idea and wish I could do this instead of my current set up. I have a V2 pointed at my sump pump with the cover on and I have a water detector next to it. So between hearing the alarm myself, or the camera notifying me of “smoke alarm going off” because it sounds like a smoke alarm, also being able to live stream if its raining hard, I can relax a little more. But unfortunately with my set up, I will only know once its already overflowing. I wish I could take my cap off to monitor the level before it reaches the top, but my radon pipe goes into the pit and I have a fan to pull the radon up the pipe so if I have the cap off, it will just be pulling air from the basement instead of from under the slab.

Steve I saw another kind of device on Amazon that I think might help you . I’m thinking about getting it too . You tube video about it. Also amazon link

Glentronics, Inc. BWD-HWA 00895001498 Basement Watchdog High Water Alarm, Pack of 1, Multi

Hope it helps

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it has detachable face; prongs or whatever you call it that attaches to the alarm. Looks like you only put the prongs into the sump pump and the alarm stays outside the pump and if water hits it then the alarm goes off. you can stick it as close to the water as you want.


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Following your Amazon link … Amazon reported that I bought that device back in July 2016. I had forgotten about it. But as I recall, in testing, I couldn’t hear the alarm from the basement while sitting in our family room. And, of course, there was no wifi alert. I’m hoping WYZE releases its leak detector. Others have built detectors using WYZE sensors, but I’m not that handy.

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I’m big on Acurite temperature/humidity/rain/leak wifi sensors that require an Acurite Access hub. The Acurite Room Monitor with Water Detector has saved me from a costly Sump Pump overflow several times. I’ve been using it for three years. (The device costs $54.98, not sure why link is showing $19.xx)

The device has an built-in audible alarm, but to use wifi monitoring requires that you use an Acurite Access hub ($129.xx) … or a Home Environment Display

But I would ditch Acurite in a heartbeat if Wyze developed its own system. Acurite angered its user base a year or so ago by discontinuing their old Hub (which I started with) and required everyone upgrade to their overpriced new Access Hub.

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Great getting old isn’t it. :grin:


Oh didn’t know that. I hope Wyze comes out with one as well. looks like they’re working on alot of things

I do that alot too. forget what I purchased so I find myself looking at my previous orders. UGH!. thank God for record keeping. lol

Now if we could only remember where we put it.

I have an AcuRite system with a few temperature humidity sensors and the room monitor with water detector , it will send you a text and an email if it detects water or if the unit goes offline it will also send you a text and email, these alerts will also show up on the web portal, it will also send you text and email for parameters you set up such as high or low temperature


That is true, luckily I purchased my system December 2018 and it came with the new hub.
I heat my house with wood in the winter so , I like to be able to monitor temperature and humidity in different areas around the house and outdoors.
I like the system and I use the web portal most the time and of course the little monitor I have in the living room


Interesting. I just installed a sump pump (a LOT of work!) and I’m looking at options for monitoring it.
Do you have the camera below the cover now?
I was thinking of using a rod with floats or something similar to trigger two door switches to know that it ran or that the level is too high. I have a primary and backup pump.
What we need is a device that just reads a dry contact from anything we choose to connect to it. It would be a modified door switch without having to do the hack.
I forget about the motion sensor… could that be mounted on the bottom side of the lid?

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@rayh53 No, I keep the cover off and the camera positioned as the original post outlines. I have no children or pets in the home, so that reduces the chances of things being knocked into the pit. Having said that, I’ll probably now knock something into the pit.

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