Suggestions for Pan Cam 2.0

This is what I want for the cam pan 2.0…

Directional sound detection, you might not need 4 microphones since powerful software can sometimes make up for hardware, but the whole point of the PAN cam is so that the camera can turn to the object detected so we need it to know the direction the sound came from. Improved sound quality overall also.

Swivel head not base, presently I can’t put the camera any closer without getting in the way of its pan feature so instead of the base, the head or camera area should be the one moving. If the camera head is built smaller than the body it won’t be obstructed. In version 2.0 movement needs to be smoothed out, less doing the robot and more of a moonwalk lol.

360 degree motion detection, like the sound above the camera should detect movement all around it not just where it’s FOV is pointed. Again, so it can PAN to the source.

Camera eye, now it can track up/down and right/left to reduce the need to pan somewhat which will allow it to act more like how we track things with our eyes, before we turn our head we move our eyes. So, some degree of x and y movement, again…slow and smooth not drudged out paranoia lol.

Video capability, 2.7k at 30fps with 3x optical zoom and 3x digital. Optical is by far superior and should be prioritized over digital…while some digital is ok. Listen, I will settle for 2x and 3x but that’s it…or I will walk out of this dealership right now…sorry, bad flash back lol. It’s just not about resolution so please focus on clarity, I’ve seen 2.5k cameras look better than 4K so keep that in mind.

Track and zoom, with these new features the cam pan 2.0 would be able to (user customizable, can’t stress how customized options can make or break a product) track better and zoom in on the object so that important details are not lost.

Cost, keep it reasonable…Arlo likes to charge you the maximum with so so results, Wyze is focused on bang for your buck which is fantastic. No, it does not have to sell for $19.99 but it shouldn’t sell for $200 per camera either.

love your ideas … drawings are brilliant
i want to add super-rez to the mix … multiple low resolution images ( possibly with sub-pixel shifts ) are combined to produce higher resolution ( possibly using AI techniques ) see

Interesting link, never heard of it. Wyze has made me a big fan so I presented this here because I want THEM to succeed. Reolink cameras at 2.5k or so look better than Arlo at 4K so thats why I say 2.7k would be enough if done right and the reolink optical zoom almost sold me so for their next cameras they need to step it up in terms of quality and fps, we dont need 60fps like a dash cam “should have” but 15fps kinda sucks and its the ONE thing that almost made me go with someone else.