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I would a selection where we can make suggestions… I love these camera and what they can do for the price. I would to be able to set a preset home postion for the wyze pan… when it reboots it point at a location I don’t need it to. Also would like to be able to change the alert sound on the cameras… I know with Android 9 it’s possible, but I have Android 7 and I can’t change the sound with out using ifttt app… Thank you

Hi @josevelez81, and welcome to the forum. The categories you should thoroughly search are #wishlist and #roadmap. You can look there to see if the same suggestions have already been made. If not, you can submit a topic to #wishlist. But as I said, please search the topics well before submitting your suggestion there. :slight_smile:


The wishlist section has at least one of your suggestions. Vote for it here:

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