Suggestion: Wyze Sense (motion or contact) triggers Pan movement

That’s an awesome idea!!! I never thought of that?!?!! Hopefully Wyze can do this!

I think it will be great if Pan camera will turn to contact sensor which is change state to open and start recording a video

It would be useful to have a way to setup the camera to look at a sensor when it detects motion or activity.

For example I have a hall with doors on both sides. It is difficult to monitor both without it constantly panning back and forth. With this feature I could have the camera sit pointed at one door and have it turn if the door sensor opens for the other door.

The user would need to program it to tell it what areas to monitor when a sensor is tripped.

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I just added a Wyze Cam Pan to my mix of Wyze products and I kind of love it despite its somewhat paranoid behavior. After tweaking it all weekend I came up with something super useful that I don’t think has been suggested yet

Use Wyse Sense sensors to trigger specific positions from the panscan settings.

Example: Motion sensor in garage, sends WyzeCam Pan to panscan position 1 and starts smart recording, holds position until clear signal received, then resumes normal panscan activity.

Example: Front Door Open, sends WyzeCam Pan to panscan position 3 and starts smart recording.



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I have a pan cam in a garage served by two overhead doors. Normally the camera pans between 3 waypoints. Two of the waypoints are the overhead doors which are monitored with contacts. Both doors cannot be located with the detection zone. Contacts should be able to trigger a sensor video that would interrupt Pan/Scan function and focus on a waypoint, then when the sensor video was over camera would then resume the Pan/Scan function.

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Glad to see others are interested in this. I’d love to see this implemented. Makes perfect sense and a great link between sensors and camera.

Executive summary: A way to support a “cam pan” to aim towards the location of a triggered motion sensor or door sensor and start recording.

Long Story:
I have two areas of my basement that are off-limits without supervision to our youngest kids, the woodshop and the electronics shop. I have a single Wyze Pan Cam mounted in a location that can see both rooms with a pan. I have motion sensors set up in each room and I’ve verified both work great.

Under “Pan Scan Settings”, I can set “stations” for the pan cam to bounce between without the sensor trigger. That mode ends up slipping slightly as it pans to the point that it’s not pointing in the right directions after a little while. I also worry about this mode wearing out the motor.

Presently, there is not a way (in rules or elsewhere) to have the camera pan towards a specific “station” if the motion sensor is tripped in that area. I’ve tired several methods and written up a ticket, but there is no way to support this at this time.