Suggestion - USB Power Adapter that that comes off top or bottom



The way the USB power adapter is constructed it is fairly large and come off of the back of the power adapter. Add the cable on and it near impossible to put behind a piece of furniture that is up against the wall. IMHO, Having the USB come off the bottom or top make more sense.


I agree. I would be nice if the prongs came off the adapter 90 degrees to how they currently are.


A flush mounted model would be nice…but, it would add to the cost, since the current ones are about as generic as you can get.


This would be a huge improvement in my opinion. The power supply it comes with is obnoxious!!


This worked great for me.


Not perfect, but for $1.47 you can get a Walmart extension cord. They also make swivel extenders that have three outlets.


Those are great ideas to get around the issue. Thanks


Even better: Allow third-party power sources to connect, using standard cables.