Suggestion - Show a different Icon once "Motion Alert" video becomes local?



I love these cameras overall. One thing I’d like to see as an improvement in future software releases of the WyzeCam application is:

Once a “Motion Alert” video has been downloaded from the “Cloud” either:

  1. Show an additional icon next to the "Cloud" icon that lets the user know the video has been downloaded and is locally available for playback.
  2. Replace the "Cloud" icon with a more appropriate icon representing the video as being available for local play
I like my first idea a lot. The idea of having 2 icons to show that the video is available for local play yet still available in the "Cloud" also until the 2 week limit expires if the user wants to delete the local version for space reasons. Once the video is no longer available in the cloud then just show the "local" icon for all downloaded videos.

Also, by adding an additional “Local” icon video for each “Motion Alert” to the application it let’s me know that I’ve already watched the video once so I don’t repeat myself unnecessarily.

So, that’s my idea. Something along those lines.

Thanks for listening.


I’ve passed your idea along to the keeper of Wyze’s feature request tracker.


Thank You very much!