Suggestion- quit updating app and cameras if they are working

You’ve got it bass ackwards. It’s not you who’s failing Wyze but Wyze who’s failing you when it chooses not to disclose what it’s patching or fixing in its updates. That lack of information makes it impossible for you to make an informed decision about whether you think it’s worth the risk of implementing vs ignoring the update until you are ready.

That’s a decision Wyze deprives all users of the right to make for themselves when it chooses to hold its cards so close to its vest that it fails to treat its customers with enough respect to make their own decisions about the potential risk vs reward we are willing to subject ourselves to.

“Just do it because we say so,” is an outdated paternalistic model that not even doctors or dads can expect to get away with anymore. It suggests an attitude of “you’re too stupid to understand or make good choices and we don’t have the time or interest to include your preferences or give you enough info to make your own decisions” making us entirely impotent to know and judge for ourselves what is actually in our own interests, a position that would be less torturous if the updates were better tested and made more reliable prior to release.

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Ah. Thanks so much. Is that info pushed to customers along with the notice to upgrade/update?

I FINALLY got both Cam v2 upgraded to current software. Now one of the cameras won’t connect and I keep getting an error code 90!! Tells me to check my internet connection or power cycle camera!


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Just as an experiment, have you tried testing your cams’ connection stability by temporarily placing them near your router? It’s the easiest way I can think of to eliminate whether it’s a signal strength issue.

Personally, I live in an area where the internet service is frequently up and down. So there are many links in the chain of connectivity between my cams and the cloud that can bear culling out for me.

Not to ignore that backbone and AWS failures crop up from time to time too.

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Thanks, I’ll try what you suggested. The problem cam is downstairs and only about 25ft from my router.

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Tell me about it. It’s as if a whole bunch of people caught the disease called GREED.

Sorry, I missed your post.

No, the information isn’t pushed, just a link to the firmware page where you need to look for the update. Even worse for the beta firmware.

I was an early adopter and supporter of Wyze. An update a few months ago bricked several of my V2 cams…almost like they designed it to do that. Stupidly, I “upgraded” to V3 and have other issues to deal with now like the AI being completely broken. Wyze is now a total joke of a company and I would not recommend to anyone.

I’m pretty convinced Wyze is just an empty address with no functioning office that outsources everything—including its hardware, software, AI and support—to other companies and makes money off of its cloud services—also outsourced. Likely owned by a hedge fund or some other such profit-only business. They’re pushing out crap product that was probably designed and manufactured overseas and simply slapping their brand on it to sell it. Look at all of the complaints they get. Hundreds or more likely thousands. And yet nothing ever changes. They’re just profiting off our continued naivety as we buy whatever the new product of the week is while allowing business partners do all of the actual (exceptionally subpar) work, taking whatever percentage off the top and blithely and consciously screwing their customers.

I don’t think that about Wyze at all. I think that they develop a product, I think they may (at least in the past) have developed the software in house. But I think they move on, new products are released and the staffers move on to the new hardware and give less support to the legacy stuff (from a few months ago). I think that the only way they can adequately support their products are either to charge more for it or to stop moving to new products until the old ones are stable (or both). They probably think that the bulk of incoming money comes from the new products and they are forced to keep moving forward. But, I have traditionally been a bleeding edge kind of techie, so I can put up with a few problems. As long as I have faith that they are working on the problems. There are problems where I think they under engineered their hardware, like the original sensors, there was just nothing they could do to fix the problem other than to replace ones that were still under warranty.

Up until my V2 got borked by that update, I was looking at purchasing three V3 and one outdoor camera.
The lack of support changed all of that.
I had also recommended the cameras to two friends and to my employer for stationing around our facility.
Sadly, I had to rescind those recommendations.
I called Wyze at the start of this issue and was left on hold for a full forty-five minutes and still no one picked up the call.
I found that unacceptable.


Agreed. NEVER update the firmware. Never. It just screws with things that used to work. When I was updating the firmware—I gave up months ago—I wanted it just for my cameras. But the firmware release notes would often also refer to plugs, scales, etc. Why not just release firmware solely dedicated to cameras, firmware solely dedicated to plugs, firmware solely dedicated to scales, etc. The shotgun approach they’re taking when it comes to releasing firmware cannot be beneficial. I’d in fact argue the opposite. But nobody from Wyze reads these complaints anyway, so ¯_(ツ)_/¯