Suggestion: Flush Mount - Wall Mount / Above Doorbell Cam



I love the my WYZE cams and I could really use one above the doorbell. Unfortunately, the cube shape doesn’t quite work. I’d love to have the same v2 camera but flush mounted to the wall. I don’t need it connected to the doorbell, just flat and wall mounted in the same area.


There is little to prevent you from cutting a hole in your wall to mount the camera. However that is likely more permanent than you want. But if you want flush, there is no option but to start cutting.



True, I could put the WYZE cam cube in the wall, but it would be nice to have a form factor like this, even without the doorbell functionality.


Oh, you’re not looking for flush, but rather low profile. Got it.



A doorbell version would be great, I would suggest a very narrow form factor since many homes do not have much space for a doorbell sometimes. The Nest doorbell is too wide.