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I get different notifications throughout the day, but I don’t instantly look at my phone every time I hear one arrive. It would be nice if the WyzeCam app could allow us to set a custom notification sound for notification from our cameras.

This is possible on Android and iOS, since the LINE app ( has the option under settings to pick from 10 different notification sounds. When I get a message on LINE from someone it has a distinct notification sound that lets me know I received a message on LINE from one of my contacts. I also believe that LINE Rangers ( has a special notification sound when they send out news about the game.

It would be nice if the WyzeCam app could also offer this option, so I could recognize a motion detection notification compared to other standard notifications on my Nextbit Robin (Android) phone and iPad. I could see this maybe even going further, if possible, to allow different notification sounds for motion detection compared to sound detection, but just having a special sound for notifications in general from WyzeCam would be great!

I did a quick search on Google and it looks like the following article explains how to add a custom notification sound to an app using the Boxcar platform:

I am not familiar with Boxcar, but it definitely looks like it is possible based on LINE's implementation and Boxcar's documentation.

Thank you for listening to my suggestion and hopefully this is something that can be implemented in a future app update.


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