Suddenly my cam's (V2) can hardly connect to my wifi

I hadn’t used my cams in a few weeks and before that I was out of town and was getting event notifications but when I turned them on again they either wouldn’t connect or if they did they would freeze up in streaming mode although they’d still send event notices. None of them are working consistently and more often than not they can’t connect and throw an error code of 23 or other numbers. I’ve unplugged, shut down the app and even tried flashing the firmware back to some earlier versions when I felt like my setup was working well. I’ve checked out my wifi and it seems to be running at peak performance, nothing changed there. I’m stumped on why all of my V2 cam’s are having this problem when they worked so well/consistently the past 1-2 years. Does anyone have any ideas beyond flashing the firmware?
Thank you

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All the Wyze product operate on Channel 11 of the 2.4Ghz WiFi (the internet of things) and compete for the same bandwidth. There may be a neighbor who has added WiFI equipment. Could be a new appliance is interfering. Things like a Microwave oven, an Analog Camera or cordless phones can cause problems on your WiFi.

Unless the camera was exposed to a large pulse of energy the radio should be fairly consistent. There is an internal antenna inside the camera which should work unless covered by metal.