Stuck in Firmware, Can't Update

I updated to using a 64GB SD card formatted to FAT32, this was difficult to do as I had to use custom firmware to do that, I guess most SD software can’t format anything over 32GB to FAT32.

After a few tries I got it work and enabled RTSP, but now I can’t update to the new firmware to support person tagging. I have uninstalled the beta app, reinstalled it, still does not work. I rebooted my camera also, it just keeps saying my current firmware is up to date.

Any ideas? - I couldn’t find any solutions re searching though threads already.

Is this a V2 or Pan? And are you sure about that version? Mine are current and show:

You are showing considerably higher version numbers than I am, and mine are “current”). Or was that a typo?

Not sure if my image attached properly. V2 camera,

It says im on I upgraded to this firmware in order to use RTSP. It may be custom I am not sure.

Can’t help you on the RTSP firmware.

because you did the rtsp firmware through the sd card you might have to do a RESET and just upgrade back through that to get the latest.

because you are using the rtsp FW you are effectively using a sideloaded firmware. im just guessing because I don’t use the rtsp FW but a reset would take you back to the regular wyze beta where you could then upgrade and then get the tagging option.

that’s just a guess through.

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I’m pretty sure there were many warnings that once you go down the RTSP path you would be missing out on many of the production upgrades. To get the new firmware to support person tagging you are going to have to revert firmware then upgrade.

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