Struggling with getting initial connection!

You may be doing something wrong. Is this the message you see on your account after she shares the camera?

When you tap Accept, there shouldn’t be any countdown timer. That timer is normally associated with a fresh setup of a camera. Are you pushing the setup button on the camera?

No, it didn’t look at all like that; it was more of a response, after I clicked on my end to ‘Accept’, that it came back with one of those abrupt computer messages like “ACTION FAILED” or some such… so the problems I have had are as follows:

-using my iPhone X, I can get the QR code,

-the camera reads the QR code

-then the camera cannot connect saying from the speaker on the camera, something to the effect of “unable to connect to this network”

My wife has an iPhone X that we got at the exact same time; she was able to connect with no problem.

the other problem we have had is when she goes to ’share’ the cameras with me, as stated in first paragraph, it fails; however, logging in via her log in, I can see them just fine. If that works for being able to monitor my home, than that is perfectly fine with me. I think I might delete WYZE app on my phone and retry the loading… just for kicks.

That would be my recommendation.

I think that’s what I’m going to do just in case I ever need to use it thru my email and not my wife’s. Thank you for giving some thought to the potential source of the problem!