Streaming from a ROKU 2 to a Windows 10 PC to view my cams. Have Google WI-Fi routers



I read a post about viewing your cams on a PC from a Amazon Fire TV Stick using a “webserver” and was wondering if the same basic idea can be accomplished with a ROKU

My wireless setup is via Google Home Wi Fi. My phone is a Samsung J7 via Virgin Mobile.



No, you can’t do that with a Roku.
I assume the article you read was using TinyCam Pro on the Fire Stick?

I have TinyCam set up on an nVidia Shield. If it works on a Fire Stick that would be the cheapest way to go.

Okay thanks for letting me know.
I am hopeful Tiny Cam can help and I see your answer there also.

Yes I had just read the post about the Fire Stick.



tinyCam dev here. No, you cannot run tinyCam on Roku. Roku is not Android based device.



Okay thanks.
I am using and liking Tiny Cam Pro but still
Trying to get the Stream ported to Chrome, etc
Maybe via Action Tiles.
I have it running on the 4g side.

Thanks for your work.