Strap broke, no replacement, CS and now band won't upgrade

Please can someone assist me. I’ve been trying to get a strap replacement for 2 weeks and now I’m stuck an hour trying to upgrade firmware to the Band. I’m really getting a bit annoyed with this situation as no resolution from Customer Service. They never call back with status although I’m told I’d get one.

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my band came with an extra strap. Did you log into your account on the website and check for a way to reach customer support there?

Yes I did. Sorry I’m getting the run around from customer service. One problem after another and no straight answer. I get promises of call backs and no one calls back. No one orders the replacement for me. Now the band won’t even upgrade but they won’t replace that although it’s under warranty.

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Hopefully you receive some support.

I found that once my battery is close to 20% I can not process an update. I am sure your band is well charged. I recommend then that you reboot the band and then see if you can get the App to push the update.

Charge is 100%. I rebooted the phone and the band. Still not able to update It just hangs. Customer support won’t help. I’ve been round and round about this for 2 weeks (or whenever the big change on the website and all). And why I never get these call backs is beyond me but I am on the verge of just giving up completely on Wyze and moving to another company. This level of customer service is really not acceptable.

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This is what happens when a company starts making too many products, customer service suffers. I have Band strap issues too. I wonder how many times I have to make a ticket for this before anything actually get done. Honestly though, I just want my money back now. Between the straps and the display being too small to read, it’s not worth the $25.

Na, the Mi Band is a better value. No Alexa, but at least it provides a degree of privacy. I was bummed that the Wyze app refuses to work with the scale / band without internet access.

The Wyze cameras are still a value, as long as they run the Dafang hack, and the Home Assistant integration allows their little sensors to be taken out of their historically insecure cloud, so at least their original gear is still useful, but the invasive nature of these other gadgets makes them useless to me.

Well I got the replacement band. For one thing the new iphone will not upgrade the firmware but the old iphone did. Iphone settings are the same. This was for the old and new band. Also as soon as the new band upgraded on the old phone the thing died. And never turned back on. Yes I had it plugged into the charger. Yes the charger is good as it charged the old band right up. Yes the outlets/usb ports are good as again the old band charged perfectly. I am not getting any help or support on this issue. I really wish that someone would get back to me on this situation. I don’t like having to post all of this publicly on social media but when I’m not getting any response what am i supposed to do?

And I may look into the Mi Band. I’ve been going round and round with Wyze for over a month on this thing. First the strap, and they were supposed to just replace the strap. Then the new band which Wyze is failing to tell me why my iphone 11 pro running ios 13.6.1 is failing to upgrade the firmware to the band yet the old iphone 6S (that is basically only an ipod now) and running the beta IOS 14 is upgrading the firmware perfectly. All phone settings to both are identical. Wyze is supposed to be the experts in this field yet the lack of communication for the past month on this is really beyond me. If it wasn’t for Gwendolyn I probably wouldn’t have any kind of response to this problem.

One of the things that kept me coming back to Wyze last year was their superb customer service. I got the cam from Amazon, had an issue, sent a support ticket and in 5 minutes over the weekend no less, had a response and the issue was resolved. I had paid for more expensive cams in the past that stopped working and got no support in months. So that impressed me and I stayed. But this issue since the band and scale, it seems the support is severely lacking. And that does sadden me.