Stranger's Voice Calling Child By Name

Just to make all aware of this issue. Here are the details I sent to Wyze the night of April 24th…


My young daughter came to me tonight asking why I was saying her name repeatedly through her bedroom camera intercom. I’m the only person who accesses this camera and was not using the intercom function. Although Two Factor Authentication (2FA) is enabled, someone was able to gain access to this “secure” camera.

Because of this I immediately unplugged her camera and removed it from her room.

The camera model is the V2
Firmware Version
Plugin Version:
Date of Event: 04-24-2021
Time of Event: 10:30 PM Central (approx)"

I submitted a log when this occurred and contacted Wyze security. They responded at 11:55 AM on April 25th saying “Thank you for contacting Wyze Cybersecurity Team, we will look into your email and response within the next 24 hours.” I haven’t heard from them since. My account password was immediately changed. I no longer have confidence in these cameras for internal monitoring but will continue to use them outdoors.

I do not have a video or audio to share but am confident my daughter was being sincere. She told me to “please stop using the scary voice and saying her name.” :frowning:

Good luck. This was almost certainly done by someone you know but I hope Wyze is able to come up with information for you.


Were you given any type of support ticket number when you contacted Wyze?

Hi Jason. Yes, I was given a ticket number. Wyze finally responded tonight at 9:18, This was 3-1/2 days after their initial response. Here is the email I received…

"We are still investigating your request. we will let you know once we have more details.

Thank you

Wyze Cybersecurity team."

Hope they can determine how this occurred.

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