Strange Voice - Security Concerns

Reading all of these comments. Someone has also been in my camera also because I have it disabled, sometimes I look up and I see the 4 red light is on. Knowing I disable my camera. If people want to be nosy just let me know I will invite you in my house you ain’t gotta look in my camera.

The 4 red lights come up when it’s dark - that’s all. They don’t indicate anything else happening. (And the camera is never really off.)

Wow! Just wow! Most disappointing.
Thank you for posting and sharing.

I completely shut my camera off due to the fact I’m the only one living here. If I know I’m going to be gone more than two days I turn my camera on. My camera I have it offline and sometimes I looked up at it and it shows it’s online and I never touched it. Didn’t even turn it on!

Again, if it’s plugged in, it’s on, despite what the app says. It’s just pretending to be off. Not kidding.

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The only way for the camera to be truly off is removing the power from it


Thanks for the info.