Strange flying objects in cam

I recently got a Wyze floodlight/camera. Esp at night, it looks like a snow flurry - except it’s going up instead of down. I go outside, look very hard and see nothing. This is winter, but it never snows here.

Can you post an example? Where in the country are you?

If it looks like this, it’s mist:

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Yeah I don’t believe what I’m capturing in my videos is mist. I’m not saying it’s anything paranormal. But I have no idea what it could be. I’m in Minnesota it’s currently negative 4 outside. So I doubt that it would be bugs or mist.

I have some other weird stuff I’ve caught also. Probably won’t be posting it because everyone seems to be kind of jerks about the whole thing. But to the OP, I feel you bro.

I have the same situation. It happens only with a new v3 and never with an older version. Can’t figure out what it is.

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