Strange camera adjustment

I have a V2 on my porch, hidden in a birdhouse. It is triggered by a motion sensor above the front door. Everything worked fine.

Yesterday, I added a bulb in the porch light, and set it to turn on when the same sensor is triggered.

Strange thing now happens to the camera image.

It shifts from this view (directly from the camera) before the sensoris triggered:

To this view - (camera event view) after the sensor is triggered):

Any idea why the camera image would shift now? It seems to zoom to the upper left. Not sure if this is an Andorid anomaly or the camera.

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There is no anomaly in the Playback function. It happens on Event videos only. So, it appears to be something with the Wyze (Beta) app and the Event Video playback.

Can someone with Android Wyze Beta app please double check me?


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im not showing this issue. I have 2 cameras near a bulb and I moved another one near another bulb to try to simulate it and couldn’t get it on either.

can you post one of the clips it’s doing this to?

It’s not the set up, but something in the app. If I download the event clip, it’s normal. Only playback in the app seems affected. And it’s all clips, not just the porch.

I took a screen capture video that shows one example. The clip starts out looking normal, then zooms somehow.

I’ve cleared cache, no effect. Going to uninstall beta app and reinstall next.

Uninstalling the app did nothing to correct this. Here’s a different camera, same issue.

FYI - on Reddit, there are a similar symptoms being reported.

I ended up clearing “data”, not cache, and relogging into the app fresh, and that seemed to clear it up.


thats very good to know, especially if its something that seems to be affecting others. thanks for the solution. @Mavens solution in post #7 if anyone sees this issue happening more often.


@rick.gardner, glad you found a solution! Did you happen to send in a log before that? :slight_smile:

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I believe it is associated with different screen resolutions - maybe only on Samsung phones(?)…

I can reproduce the effect in either “direction” by changing the resolution.

For example, I was originally on WQHD+ (2960 x 1440), and changed to HD+ (1480 x 720). So, from a higher resolution to a lower one, and the event videos were zoomed in (see previous upload).

I just changed from that lower resolution back up to the higher one, and the image gets smaller. If you think a log file will help I can certainly take one, since i can make it happen by changing resolution.

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Yeah, I would love a log for this if it’s still happening. Could you please send that in and give me the ticket number?

I put in a support ticket, with a log file… and a second log file requested by a second “Wyze Wizard.” When the third “Wizard” asked for the ticket number - again (which, by the way, is in the subject of email received from Wyze) - I gave up. Since I fixed this with a data clear, I’m no longer concerned about resolution.

Here’s the ticket number: [Wyze Ticket 352959]

Thanks for your help! I’ll get this to the team as well as have them look into this for service improvement.

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Was able to confirm! I will get it submitted to the devs and get it fixed. Thanks for letting us know :grin: