Stop requiring Facebook for Beta testing

The last time I was the victim of a reacharound it was Facebook. Ugh.


Count my vote for a “Nerver Face Booker” here!

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Why is Los Angeles left out of Cascadia? I prefer not to say. :zipper_mouth_face:

This is a very bad idea and will only end up hurting the business more than you think.

Not sure what you are referring to? What would be a bad idea?

“Requiring Facebook for Beta testing” – That was the topic thread title and I thought that my reply would be a obvious one to it.

Why are they thinking of doing this? Are they getting paid by FB? Can’t they manage keep it up on their own? For a lot of us, using Facebook would be a sell out and be the end our relationship as a customer.

Hey it’s just for beta testers and it sounds as if it’s always been that way with Wyze. It sucks and is dumb, but it’s not that big a deal…

They have been requiring Facebook to beta test hardware for quite awhile, this thread is about dropping Facebook for other platforms instead.

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The title actually is: “STOP requiring Facebook for beta testing.”

So with that said your post was ambiguous at best as you appear to mistakenly believe the thread was attempting to convince Wyze to START requiring Facebook.

They currently DO require Facebook if you want to participate in certain product testing. This thread was created to ask Wyze to no longer require Facebook usage.

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And…as noted above, a non-FB solution is in testing:


It was not confusing to me. Do not use FB for testing. Not that hard to connect the dots.

(these are my people, btw, so watch yourselves, no wiseacry about under-eye-luggage, etc…)


Oh jeeze oh jeeze oh jeeze, this is just too delicious, I must share and then I stop, how does ANYONE ever learn to speak the english???

wise•a•cre wīz′ā″kər►
n. A person regarded as being disagreeably egotistical and self-assured.
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Indeed your elocution is as clear as the Boulder Dam, at the base! Thank you very much for sharing your thoughts, and aspirations for the future with all of us. After all that is the purpose of this public forum is it not?

I look very much forward to your future contributions and to enjoying more such stimulating exchanges! :call_me_hand:

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Hello, hello!

We are officially doing the full transition of testing over to Centercode! The Become a Beta Tester link has been updated and I’m about to send invites to everyone that previous signed up using the hardware testing general application. Thank you for your patience! :slight_smile:


Very happy to hear this!! Thanks for letting us know :slight_smile:


Excellent news!


This is great news! Thanks for the update


Wow, that only took about a year!

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We tried multiple platforms before we found one that was right for us. Thanks for your patience! :slight_smile:


At least you got a reach around. Usually you just get f…d.