Stop asking to authorize Alexa on my Android phone

How do you turn off the Alexa authorization prompts on an Android phone. I don’t use Alexa and don’t want to keep getting prompts to authorize Alexa to use my Wyze Band.

I also have an Android phone, but I am not getting those prompts. And I REFUSE to let Alexa into my house.

Anyway, and I’m just taking a WAG here, do you have the Amazon app installed on your phone? I can see that the 2 apps both have Alexa hooks in them and Amazon is actually the one who is trying to force the issue.

Just a thought.

Are you meaning the little banner at the bottom of the app screen? Or is there a more intrusive notification somewhere popping up?

You may be right, but I’ve had the amazon app on my phone forever but just started getting these prompts when I changed to the BETA Wyze app and added the Band.

I have had 2 Wyze cams for a couple years but just changed to the Beta wyze app so I could get phone and text notification on my Wyze Band.

Which works great by the way.

The little banner is annoying, but I’m getting a full screen that looks like an Amazon page that I never got before asking me to authorize Alexa for use with my Wyze Band.

I used to have the Amazon app too. But, I’m kind of a minimalist when it comes to apps on my phone. So I got rid of it a long time ago. I also do not have the beta Wyze app either. When it comes to my production Wyze products, I want to keep them as stable as possible.

I had that issue. It was suggested I contact support but before I did it went away. Now it is Back. Annoying. Since Wyze founders came from Amazon I suppose it is to be expected.

The reason I am using the beta is that the stable version will not allow you to turn on phone and messaging notifications on the band.

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No worries. Lots of people use it for lots of very good reasons.

I think what updated this morning was the stable version.