Stolen Wyze Camera

It doesn’t really matter if the account is deleted or the device is simply taken off the account. What matters is that Wyze is able to connect the two accounts, even if you switched email addresses.

How is the connection between two accounts determined? It can’t be email addresses, as Wyze seems to be able to connect them even if the email addresses are different. I can only think of MAC addresses being the common denominator.

It is correct that when a camera is set up to a new account, the old account loses access t any previous cloud video clips. If you contact Support, they may be able to retrieve the videos for you.

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Now I’m a little lost. I’m not really sure what you’re talking about here. Connect which two accounts? And what about switching email addresses? There aren’t any “connections” between Wyze accounts, aside from the fact that you can “share” a camera with another user.

Pardon, but I mistakenly thought your post was related to the subthread about tracking stolen cameras using MAC addresses …

That’s really odd behavior. Honestly, I’d consider that to be serious enough to classify it as a security flaw. They really need to come up with a better solution than that.

The most obvious behavior, to me, is to say that a camera can only be owned by one account. If someone tries to set it up when it’s already owned by an account, the owner account would need to confirm that it is okay with removing the camera before it can be added to another account. That’s how Blink cameras work, (cameras have to be removed from the system first) and I’d assume other systems are similar.

I realize that this technically has the potential to cause a few headaches with people who purchase things aftermarket from people who failed to remove the camera from their account, but it’s really not unusual at all for devices to behave like that.

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The thing is , when a camera stolen you still have time to access the clips and download what you need .
I don’t think if someone steals Camera there gonna rush right home and set it up 30 minutes later

Probably not, but it’s a security flaw either way. The owner may not find the scene right away, for one thing. But the other problem is that it leaves the door open for nefarious people who are AWARE of the flaw to exploit it intentionally. (In which case, yes, they would disassociate it from the original account immediately – connecting over a VPN, if they were smart about it. Haha.)

I’m not saying it’s likely to happen. It’s not. But it’s still a security flaw. And it’s certainly not inconceivable that if that information wound up in the hands of the type of person who would burglarize someone’s house in the first place, it would be possible for that person to exploit it. They might even keep their eyes peeled for an opportunity to take advantage of it.

@marcussewell, I am very sorry to hear that your Wyze Cam was stolen. I remember how much trouble it was to get it for you. :frowning:

I apologize for my delay here. The reason support won’t be able to recover your videos is actually the same reason that you won’t be able to access them if the Wyze Cams are set up on a different account. To access the video, you need to have both the account the video is connected to and the Wyze Cam that recorded it on the same account.

Thank you for making that Wishlist topic, Loki. :slight_smile:


So just for some redundant clarity, are these currently accurate if Cam is stolen?

Victim has access to “cloud clips” (maybe thief’s face) until Cam is activated on different account, then forever gone…

Thief never has access to “cloud clips”, just videos on mSD card if used…


That has always been my understanding, because the old clips are associated to your account, when it switches they are lost, but @WyzeGwendolyn can give the definite answer hopefully

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This is correct.


They had this covered but I will also confirm that this is correct.


Is it possible to play sound through my camera if it’s not plugged in? It seems someone found my device and may have hidden it on me.:rage:

No it is not, the camera would require power to do anything

2 cameras would be required with view of each other from two separate locations in order for this to work, but at least you would have one catching the other being stolen. I don’t suppose it helps much if you’re unable to identify the would-be thief. I agree there should be some sort of tracking feature at least a record of the Mac address on your account and locked to your account until otherwise unlocked, kind of like transferring a domain name. Would be nice to also be able to lock the device to a specific Wi-Fi SSID managed through the account via web. Just thinking out loud.

This is like, spending $25 to protect a $25 investment. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

People always say stuff like this when people mention stolen Wyze cameras, but I think generally the reason someone would steal a camera is so that you can’t see that person doing something nefarious. It’s less about the $25 camera and more about everything else they might be stealing/doing in the process. If you’ve got at least 2 cameras, it’s much harder for them to disable one without being seen by the other.

If I was burglarized and they ONLY took my cameras, I’d feel pretty lucky.

Yes, yes it is like spending $25 on a $25 investment. You have deduced correctly, young grasshopper. Your statement is valid, however, is the initial $25 dollar investment even anything more than just $25 dollars thrown away if not protected properly? Hell just set an envelope on the front porch labeled: ‘$25 – DO NOT STEAL’. Would you not also have a temporary lapse in security by dealing with a stolen camera and the lack of any and all surveillance ability? If ya got the extra cash, the redundancy could save you in more ways than just the obvious monetary one. I’m just brainstorming for absolutely no reason other than: ‘I’m currently bored af and have nothing effing better to do apparently’.