Stolen security wyze camera

My wyze camera was stolen while in use and I was wondering if our footage goes to cloud or not

The 12 second event would be uploaded to the cloud, assuming threre was one and it wasn’t in the 5 minute cool down period.

Sorry to hear about your Wyze cam being stolen. :pensive: If you go to the Wyze app home page, tap on events tab at the bottom. Any 12 sec footage recorded to the cloud should show up there. Hopefully, if you find a clip with the thief download it to your device.


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Both of my carport cams were stolen. I got some of the event but not all. The bad guys carried off the cameras. I was wondering since they have a MAC address that if they put them to use could WYZE track them down when the video came into their server. IF not why not and what a nice service that would be for the customers. Thieves need to be stopped.

Hi @madmel welcome to the community, I’m sorry to hear about your camera thefts - if you currently have access to the event clips I would download them to your device as fast as possible, I believe that if the cameras get activated again it will make those clips not accessible. Here is a wishlist item that deals with the camera being able to be used as a stolen device, please vote to have your voice heard:


@steve4335 is correct, once the cameras are set up under a different account you will lose all event videos, so if you need them download them. Currently there is no way to track them down by MAC address that I am aware.