Stolen camera

If you notice there is a question mark after the statement(s). I was not certain is the reason for those question marks. I thought the camera was necessary to access video events, but apparently, all you require is,
1.) camera not deleted from your app/account
2.) not re-setup camera/account
3.) deleted video events

According to the mod’s post
I am still learning and find useful info here as well as excellent input and ideas from other users on the forum, as well as Wyze peeps.




That is correct. The cloud clips remain available as long as…

Yes, I saw the questions marks, but you started off stating previous statements were not true. Then went on to state “Lost camera equals lost footage in all areas, both cloud and Micro SD storage.”, which wasn’t a question. I don’t think Loki specifically tested with the camera off-line when he looked at this earlier, so I just wanted to look at it again.

In any event, it’s good news that the Event videos are still there even if the camera isn’t.

Actually I did test it myself to be sure.

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Happy Birthday!

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Thank you. Always glad to celebrate another birthday.

Just curious and being very lazy, is this procedure written up somewhere for people to follow that don’t want to lose the Event videos when switching wifi’s?

IDK, haven’t searched for that? Wanna take a stab at it?

Here’s what I found.

Which states:

Please Note: You do not need to delete the cameras from the Wyze app. Doing the Setup process again will override the previous Setup.

iirc, in another thread, you said the camera settings remain from the previous setup. The note makes it sound like everything gets wiped (override) during setup. What you found during your tests would be helpful to people reading that page.

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What I actually stated was “This is not all entirely true.”
which means, some of it may be incorrect?
and the question marks denote that I was unsure as to precisely which elements.
then for clarification;
posted the numbered steps to best avoid loss of the events recordings if you lost the camera and µSD card themselves.

and in defense of the “not all being entirely true.” statement

I will say, the event clip is only 12 seconds long and would not provide the amount of detailed information the µSD card and full video footage would provide. Which was my initial point in the conversation.
Losing the camera and µSD card to me is the “crux of the biscuit,” as it were.
12 seconds of video event would likely prove to be less useful.




Good find. That wording could be misleading. I’ve already submitted a suggested change to reflect that other camera settings are retained.

Thanks for finding it.


My neighbor stole my camera 3 days ago. I don’t have Him stealing it but He was on the video casing out the camera multiple times changing his clothes multiple times wearing a jacket and cap to disguise himself :billed_cap: lol all this happened in one days time. And then the moment I leave the house he moves in and cuts the power from behind but not before The wyze cam v2 picks up the audio of his girlfriend yelling at the dog from 5 feet away. Stupid people they are. We live in a gated community and no one wanted my camera more than him.!

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Hmmmmm…the cam has zero value to any thief so why bother?

However, they are great bait to nab vandals if you keep one or two as cheap semi functional decoys within reach and in sight of your concealed real security cameras.

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Sounds like a lame neighbor. Haha. Although I’m guessing it’s less about camera-lust and more that he doesn’t like the idea of the camera potentially recording him. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Get two next time, and make sure they’re in each other’s field of view. Haha. Should be tougher for him to disconnect one without getting caught by the other one.

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I have a Wyze Pan near my front door and 10 Blink cameras plus 3 trails cameras spread out around outside the house. I can guarantee you that if someone steals a camera, I will have a picture of the thief.
I get videos of mule deer, bobcats, coyotes, Jack rabbits and the occasional cougar (not the neighbors wife :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:), but so far no thieves.


please post your cougar videos

Can you put the cameras inside the windows?

A coule links for ya

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I just had someone steal my Waze cam.

Thankfully it uploaded his face to the cloud before he disconnected it.

I’ll Probably be reporting it to police. Not expecting anything to happen, except if he’s known to police this kind of thing adds to their case.

The only question is…can I really be bothered wasting 2hrs at the cop station for this…


That’s not true at all someone just stole my camera three days ago and I plan on getting the person in trouble