Still waiting for my reward for earkly ordering my robot vacuum

When I early ordered my robot vacuum, I was promised a gift. I chose the smart plug. I never received it! Now I;m being promised goodies with my early order of the floor lamp and it just reminded me that I never got the earlier promised goodies.

I don’t work for nor represent Wyze, but I can tell you how I got mine:

They sent an email on Dec 29th, 2020 telling us we had until Jan 4th to click on that survey link and select what bonus item we wanted.

Screenshot of the 12/29/20 email as follows:

Then, shortly after that (Jan8th) they sent an email with a redemption code for that free item we selected. It had an expiration date on it though, so if we didn’t order within X amount of time (ie: by March 1st), then it became void and no longer redeemable.

It appears you either didn’t receive, or you overlooked the 12/29 survey email (or it went into a spam folder) or you didn’t receive or overlooked the email with your redemption code (or it went into a spam folder). Even if you go find them in your spam folder or whatever now, they are both expired (I tried clicking on the survey link and it’s totally gone, and the redemption codes expired over a month ago now).

You can try contacting support about this…
By phone: (206) 339-9646 Available Monday - Friday 5 am - 6 pm PT and Saturday 8 am - 4 pm PT
Or online: (sometimes by chat or by email)

Please don’t shoot the messenger… :frowning_face: I imagine that is all frustrating to hear, and I hope support will consider your situation. They are usually very understanding when I talk with them.

As for the gift with this light, it’s different (not choosing another Wyze product), it actually comes WITH your lamp order and is a unique type of gift (like how they gave camera cowboy hats with the WCO launch)…this gift is similar, it is a little happy birthday screen to put over the lamp:


Very cool BD Gift! Thanks for the detailed explanation.
One could select a gift, never use the redemption code and poof :boom: its gone. That would be too sad.

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I filled out the survey. Did not receive the code. I keep getting emails saying they are coming, but I think I just lost out.
I’m getting a little cynical about it.

We’re sorry to hear that you didn’t receive your gift. Yes, please contact customer support so we can fix this for you.


Same here! I have received nothing, no email, no survey, no code, no nothing! Been waiting since ordering vacuum last November. Got vacuum in January. It’s the end of April now!!! No V3 anything!!!

I reached out to customer support again and all indications are that my plugs are on the way. I know they had supply issues on the V3, so maybe they need a little prodding. Try customer support.

Ive contacted customer support three times and still no v3 for me. They just keep saying not to worry its on the way. 6 months after ordering.