Still love Wyze

Though as I mentioned before it was released, I don’t really have a use for the plugs. I still have mine in the box, and would need to buy new basic lamps or something similar to use the plugs.

Maybe during the holidays, but we already had some to cover the interior, so need
exterior plugs…

I would buy a lot of house switches - similar to lutron caseta…only purchased this set to support the cause – NOT because it was a good product to launch. Just being honest.

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and you are prepared should the need for them arise. nothing wrong with that.

Thanks for being honest. Me, on the other hand was getting ready to start researching smart plugs when Wyze offered theirs on EA.

My wife is losing her fine motor skills and turning on the makeup lights in her makeup cabinet was getting difficult. With the plug and a contact sensor, now she just needs to open the cabinet doors to turn on the lights. (Couldn’t use the bulbs in this case.)


There is a #wishlist topic you may be interested in. :slight_smile:

I agree the plugs initially seemed like a redundant product since the smart plug market was already saturated with good low-cost options. However, it was probably a fairly low-effort addition to the Wyze product line that fills a definite need (as shown by the saturated smart plug market), so in that sense it was a good product to launch.

In fact, the very first “smart” device I ever purchased was a TP-Link smart plug to allow my dad to turn a floor lamp on/off with Alexa/Echo Dot. Maybe lamps just run in my family :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: