Still can't connect to the bulbs

That depends on the router I have mine set for mixed.
In your list of networks do you have a 2.4 and 5 G there for your network?
What device are you using?

What router do you have, the router I use has both 2.4 and 5 enabled and the item grabs the best one it sees. So since the bulbs only see 2.4 that is where they go.

on android devices, there is an option that pops up if you’re connecting to a wifi connection from a device that doesnt connect to the internet (aka a wifi signal from a bulb to set it up), make sure after you connect, check that you dont have any notifications asking if you want to stay connected to the bulb.

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Tried that, still can’t connect to the bulbs. :-1:

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I had three bulbs that connected easily.

The fourth was balky.

The “connection” would time out, but I could “see” the bulb in both the Wyze ap and Google Home. It would not connect, but I couldn’t control the bulb using either voice (Google Assistant) or either ap.

I am using an iPhone 8 with iOS 12.4 (16G77).

I used the above mentioned work around, displaying the WiFi password, and it connected immediately. The only variable that was present was the work around.


Using a Nokia 7 Plus sporting Android 9 Pie here.

I couldn’t pair my first bulb until I applied those 2 pieces of advise :
1 - When connecting to the Wyze Bulb’s WiFi network some Android versions will send an alert saying the network doesn’t have access to the Internet. Click on this notification and opt to stay connected to the Bulb’s network. Then return to the Wyze app.
2 - android/pixel has an option in the WIFI settings near the bottom under “Wi-Fi preferences”. By default “Turn on Wi-Fi automatically” is turned on, you’ll want to either turn that off

I then was able to pair all 4 of my bulbs very quickly :+1:

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