I think it would be nice to include a couple stickers with each camera that says something like “Protected by Wyzecam” or something similar. Criminals might not see that we have cameras so letting them know that we’re protecting ourselves could be a good form of proactive protection.

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Security Labels
Sell device bundles in the Wyze store

I totally agree. I found this post looking for stickers like this. Please make them!

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Was surprised not to find stickers in the packaging :pensive:



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We don’t have stickers sent out with the Wyze Cams but we DO have downloadable sticker templates. Here’s a link! :slight_smile:

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“protected by wyze” = instructions to would-be burglars

run around innocently in front of the camera with your face hidden.
wait for twelve seconds.
(optional) grab camera.
now you have five minutes before the next alert goes!

(tongue in cheek; I do love my Wyze cams, but I just have generic “under video surveillance” stickers on my house windows. They were under $10 from Amazon).

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Although I understand your reasoning, I can’t agree that those “under video surveillance” stickers actually do anything. Burglars might fine those unconvincing or fake if the sticker doesn’t say what brand the camera is. Best option would be using a sticker of a different brand that’s not wyze at all.



Those stickers are usually to protect the owner from lawsuits.
Some of us prefer stickers such as found here



I have found that most burglars are not very smart to begin with. I’m sure if they are trying to target a house they would pick a house without a sticker compared to a house with a sticker. I know that sounds stupid but, anyone who tries to do bad things are stupid.

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Yeah it does sound stupid, do you really things that bad guys don’t do research or have education and just blindly go in for the kill? They are bad but not stupid.



Yes. I really think they are that stupid. Anyone who does something like that apparently isn’t smart. So must not have much education. And I’m sure they don’t do research. If you are targeted by a crime organization, then you are too important of a person. That is different. But most crimes are based off of opportunities.



This is getting off topic BUT
If you have something valuable that can be stolen and others know about it DON’T RELY ON A $20 CAMERA!!
Stickers might help, especially if your neighbors don’t have stickers.
Many criminals have found it is easier to steal than work simply because there are so many easy theft targets.

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I just like putting them in my sticker book and on my forehead…

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