Status of Early Access Wyze Plug Shipping

What is the status of Wyze Plug Early Access shipments? Will we be receiving tracking numbers for our shipments?

My order changed from “Processing West” to “Pick/Pack” which means it has been sent to the warehouse for processing. I imagine once the order is processed and packed we’ll get our shipping information via email.

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Mine say they are processing so they should be shipping real soon

Shipping soon!


Looks like I received a tracking number the other day!

I just got my shipping email and USPS notification

just received mine today

Boo-hoo :cry::disappointed: No shipping email yet…maybe tomorrow :grin:

Shipped for me today

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Shipped for me today too.

I just received my Wyze Plugs! Yay! They are truly awesome.

Setup was a breeze. They wanted to update the first time I opened their screen in the Wyze app.

I am really happy that you can turn them on or off right from the Home screen, without needing to open their individual Wyze Plug screens for each plug.

Thanks for another great product Wyze!

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Shipping Label Created September 4

Nice to know…thanks for the feedback. That is awesome! :smiley:

ice gotten my label made email and a tracking number, but its still sitting in Washington state. last update was the 4th

Mine are due to be delivered tomorrow. They let my double order go thru so I have 8 plugs total coming! Woohoo

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Womp womp…
Tracking updated to arriving late and moved to 9/9 :confused:
Second one updated to arriving late and says it just left Seattle yesterday. It was arriving today :confused:

Just got my Set!

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My order was still showing in the picking/pack state and arrived at my house in MD today.

I got my order today. Everything works great! Put one in the RV so I can light up the interior with a 4’ LED shop light from anywhere in the world.


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