Start & stop times for clips from playback video


I would like to request a feature that allows me to record a clip of a pre-defined amount of time (i.e. from x-y time stamps) from the ‘playback’ feature without having to watch the entire duration of video to be ‘clipped’. To clarify, here is an example of what I’d like to do but is currently onerous within the Wyze app.

  1. Turn on my camera so that a video starts writing to my SD card while I’m doing a training session for separation anxiety with my dog (I need to see whether my dog is losing his $*!t while I’m away!).
  2. Leave my house for a period of time (5 minutes - 8 hrs) while the video continues to write to the SD card.
  3. Come back home and turn off the video.
  4. Go back into the ‘playback’ feature and select the timeframe in which I want to record. Since this could be a long period of time, I don’t want to sit there and watch the whole video for +3 hrs, keeping my phone awake and the app in the foreground the entire time, just so I can make the recording. I want to be able to define a clip length for a set amount of time. For instance, a 3 hr video segment is generated by selecting a start time of 1 pm and an end time of 4 pm. The app then generates a video clip that I can save or share with someone else (my dog trainer for instance).

I think my request (above) would make the ‘recording’ feature of Wyze so much more useful for a plethora of reasons, including uses associated with home security.

I hope the Wyze team will consider this addition!


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