Star identification


I’m not sure how you arrived at saying Vega is a magnitude 6 star. That is at the limit of what the human eye can see on a dark night.:nerd_face:

Vega is actually and I quote: “ also called Alpha Lyrae, brightest star in the northern constellation Lyra and fifth brightest in the night sky, with a visual magnitude of 0.03

The more I look at this the more I see. Adding constellations Cygnus and Lyra. And star Deneb.

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You are right about Vega’s magnitude, the mag. 6.13 I indicated in your picture is for a dim star below Vega, please zoom the image, is the faintest star I could locate in your picture, so the V3 could reach under your sky conditions up to mag 6 which is quite interesting for meteor showers and some other astronomical observations, even the diffuse milky way is clearly visible at the upper right of your image.
Regards and dark skies!

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I am continually impressed with the detail that the V3 can pick up when pointed at the night sky.
I have watched countless meteors and often multiple satellites can be seen in the one minute videos.