Sprinkler WaterSense Certification

It would be great if Wyze could apply and get certification for the EPA for the WaterSense program for the sprinkler-controller. This would allow for rebates provided by various water districts for the controller.

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This is an excellent idea! Don’t forget to vote for your own #wishlist item!

Just here to vote on this. It would be very handy.

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Agreed! I just found out about this, and it would be great if Wyze could certify their device!

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Just applied for the credit in my state. Didn’t qualify because I don’t have the WaterSense label. Let’s make it happen Wyze. These units would sell themselves.

It’s in the works! Currently in their affiliated testing lab. :slight_smile:


That’s great news, thank you!!!

This is good news. Any word on how soon we can expect the certification to be confirmed?

I wish I had a date! It is dependent on the amount of varied weather data they can collect. We started in May and have been regularly updated by them. I’m hoping for late August or September.


I hope we have an update soon! :slight_smile:

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