Sprinkler scheduling over 2hrs of watering every day

So I’ve installed the sprinkler controller and have had it powered up for the last month, although I’ve not yet actually turned on my water supply - I wanted to see how the controller would schedule on the smart schedule. And from what I can see the answer is that it would be excessively watering. Today it would have watered for 3hrs, and if I look at the rest of the week it is planning to water for between 1hr 50mins to 2hrs 40mins. When I’ve previously manually programmed I’ve never needed to run for more than an hour total and would typically only run an individual zone every 2-4 days. It’s pointless having a low cost smart sprinkler controller if it’s going to use excessive water and cost way more than the controller in high water bills. There should really be a way to set a maximum watering allowance per day/per zone. Looks like I’ll probably just have to resort to manual programming again, which goes against the whole point of having a smart controller that is supposed to take weather conditions into account. For reference I live in KS and the weather has not been been hot yet, with temperatures just reaching into the 70s a few days this week. I dread to think how long the system would think it needs to water in July or August when the temperatures can reach triple digits.