Sprinkler Controller zone change pump start relay

When the controller moves from zone to zone, it seems to power off the pump momentarily, causing the pump start relay to clunk OFF clunk ON with each zone change. Which is not a terrible problem but it should just leave the power on continuously when multiple zones are programmed to run one after another… or am I setting something up wrong?

I’ve noticed the same issue - between zones, the pump shuts off momentarily. Prior controllers I’ve used leave pump running between zones. Seems like this would cause a lot of wear on the pump. I don’t believe there is anything we (customer) can change.
Ideally, the pump would run for the entire sprinkler time, and as it progressed through zones, each zone valve would open just before prior one closes. This would keep the water flowing through the pump.

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This appears to have been fixed. I do not know which update, but the sprinkler pump no longer shuts off between zones - it stays running, like the prior controller did. Thank you Wyze!