Sprinkler Controller schedule feature request

They would first have to understand what water is – which I don’t think they have a firm grasp on right now. Case in point – their default for my grass is 50 minutes, even though 4 minutes has kept it green and healthy for many years. If I let it run for the default times my neighbors would be suing me for flooding their property & washing their cars away.

Mine is about 23 minutes per zone and most of that just pools and runs off. 3-5 min max at a time to let it soak in. Of course our soil is clay based underneath with a decent topsoil above in most places.

David J (DJ) Woodley

The most I allow any of my zones to run is 7 minutes total per zone – also clay – and I have green grass & healthy trees all around…in one of the hotter areas around Los Angeles. If I let them run any longer than that I get mushrooms and moss sprouting everywhere.

My town only allows watering every 3 days, based on the last digit of your house number. Currently, the only options in the app are for certain days of the week every week or odd or even days. Having the ability to select a start date and have it water every 3 (or 4, 5, etc.) days like other sprinkler controllers allow would be really helpful. For now, I have to keep track of the days and water manually.