Sprinkler Controller schedule feature request

Requesting ability to add pause/break between zones.

Our previous controller had 12 zones available and we only used 8. 4 of those zones would “run” for a few minutes to give our pump a break.

With 8 zones on this controller I’d like to be able to continue with this setup. Multiple schedules will probably make this doable. But only needing 2 schedules would be nice. I’ve got a Sunrise and Sunset schedule set up and would like to make them look like the schedule below.

Break (no zones running)
Break (no zones running)
Break (no zones running)

Just got the Wyze Sprinkler and so far, really impressed. There are a few settings that I think would be beneficial to see in the future:

It would be nice to have a default setting for those of us who live in very
dry areas (SoCal/AZ) where most of our landscaping is succulents and water wise bushes and we all use drip systems. I tried selecting the Xeriscape setting but with a suggested watering time of 51 minutes…all of my succulents and palms would surely be dead💀

Another suggestion would be to have a hybrid setting for schedules where I could manually set what I know works best for my watering needs but then have the ability for the subscription service to override and suspend the manual watering for 3-4 days after a heavy rain or increase the duration of my manual settings on especially hot or Santa Ana type events without me having to go in and manually stop the watering.

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Add the ability to schedule watering every 3rd day (or 4th or 5th).

Also … somewhere better define your terms … what exactly does Cycle Soak do???


Building static schedules is tedious, don’t make us duplicate the effort for offline schedules… why wouldn’t we just be able to choose the ones that we would want to be available offline?

Along the same lines, it would be helpful to duplicate an online static schedule so the configuration doesn’t have to be duplicated for different run times. (Or provide the option to have a particle schedule run every x hours.). Use case is to have a single zone run for 2 minutes every 4 hours to Continuously ‘rinse’ the area covered by that zone.

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I just got mine setup and I like it. Does anyone know under what exact temperature range, wind condition, rain percentage, etc. will the system decide to skip watering?

I would love to have the updates for water percentage adjust. E.g. I want to do 100% at certain time of the year and then 75% at another time, and so on. It would be great to schedule based on per months, but I’ll settle for just a generic percentage. Example, my current Rainbird has it so if I run a zone for 20 minutes at 100% water then setting water adjust to 75% will automatically scaling that zone to 15 minutes instead. I know I could build multiple schedules and enable them when the time comes, but that’s a hassle.

Skip conditions are defined in Settings —> skips

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Thank you. Somehow I missed this entirely. Now I would love to have an update to skip water at higher temperature rather than at 40 degrees max.

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Completely agree!

What exactly does SOAK cycle do? Does it ADD time to the length that I set in the cycle?

I don’t think it add more time to your watering, but it add times to the overall schedule due to wait time. It basically water for a portion of your schedule for that zone and then pause for few minutes to wait for that water to soak into the ground and continue watering again. This is useful to prevent your water from running off before getting absorbed by soil (like clay), especially with slanted land.

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Add calendar schedule for Wyze sprinkler not tied to year. E.g.every year I need to channel the default length and days to water depending on season. No tie to year

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Is there a way to adjust water percentage? Eg. If I scheduled for 12 minutes of watering that it will scale down to 9 minutes when I set water percentage to 75%. I know I can set multiple schedules but it’s a hassle.


I also miss a percentage option. At this time of year I would be at 75%, ramp up to 100% when summer comes, and occasionally use 120% during really hot weeks.


Agree with the request this would make it so much easier.
My 25 year old “mechanical” Rainbird had this and it was for sure the most used feature during the year.
Was there any feedback from Wyze Development ?

No response. This would be a very easy software update since it’s all just a simple math formula.

Love the adjust % feature. Used all time on my manual vs having to change all the schedules. Also need ability for other programs e.g water front yard. So if want to water certain groups of zones but not on a schedule. On the manual unit can I cylce all zones e.g. start all and the. Move through them manually every few minutes. This is how I blow out each zone before the winter season?

Another thing I’d like to see: instead of Sunrise / Sunset, can you offer “1 hour after sunset” or “30 minutes before sunrise”? I would like to water before sunrise by 15-30 minutes for the garden to allow it to soak in before the sun gets to it.

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I came here to see if anyone else was complaining or commenting on the default run times that I think are totally ludicrous. I’m also in SoCal (L.A. area) & I’ve fine-tuned my run-times, balancing between keeping my grass green and avoiding excess run-off. What I’ve come to see works best, based on many years’ experience, is that 4-6 minutes twice a day is optimum. And then along comes Wyze’s default time of 51 minutes. Where did they come up with such preposterous nonsense? 51 minutes would have my street flooded and my neighbors complaining immediately about my wastefulness.


I would like to have the option to set the start time of a schedule a set time after another schedule. For example, if schedule A starts at 6:00 am and runs until 6:45 am, I would like to be able to program schedule B to start, say, 5 minutes after schedule A (in this case 6:50 am). That way, if I were to increase station times in schedule A so that it runs until 7:00 am for instance, schedule B would still run 5 minutes later (now 7:05 am) without having to reprogram schedule B.


Greetings, I love my Wyze sprinkler controller but small suggestion. To help with run off I think the soak cycle should be changed. In stead of doing alternate zones with the smart water. I wish it would only water for 5 minutes or so and move though all the zones allowing the water to soak in and then go back through the zones until the suggested watering is complete.